The yummiest salad… Lentil Salad & Red Pepper, Mint and Feta


This is such a yummy salad…

We have been making this salad for years and it is seriously so yummy. The only major downfall is if you’re anything like me you tend to over eat because you like it so much…

This recipe came from a lovely family friend whom my Mother nannied for in London when she was a little girl. She came to visit in 1997 and gave us a folder of recipes and we have been making this one ever since…


Lentil Salad & Red Pepper, Mint and Feta

(Serves 6)


I cup dried lentils

6 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

6 tbsp red wine vinegar, plus vinegar to taste

2 clove garlic, minced

½ tsp ground cumin

salt and freshly ground pepper

1 small red onion, diced

1 red bell pepper (capsicum), seeded, deribbed and finely diced

¼ cup chopped fresh mint, plus mint sprigs for garnish

6 oz feta cheese, crumbled

1 small red chilli (optional)


Pick over the lentils and discard any misshapen lentils and stones. Rinse the lentils and drain, then transfer to a saucepan and add water to cover by two inches. Bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer, uncovered, until the lentils are tender, 15-20 mins. Remove from the heat, drain immediately and place in a bowl.

In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, the 6 tbsp vinegar, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper. Add to the warm lentils and toss together to coat evenly. Add the onion and bell pepper and toss gently. Let stand for 20 mins at room temp.

Season to taste with more salt, pepper and vinegar, if necessary. Add the mind and toss to mix well. Transfer the salad to a platter of individual plates. Sprinkle with the feta, garnish with the mint springs and serve.

NB: over the years I have added fresh chilli to the salad as I love the heat kick it gives it. You should definitely try it.



Aesop… it’s a deep love…

I am in love with Aesop products. It is a love bordering on obsession. It started 4 years ago on our Honeymoon. We were lucky enough to spend a few days at Qualia and their in room products are Aesop. I fell in love with the Rind concentrate body balm (5) I have used it ever since. I also used the Geranium Leaf body cleanser (2) when we travelled. I was using it recently when home at Mum and Dad’s and the scent of the Geranium leaf hit me like a brick… It immediately took me back to Qualia and the feelings of Sun, Freedom and relaxation washed over me. I immediately went out to buy the body wash and have been hooked ever since. Every time I use it I am transported back to that moment of relaxation and freedom. I also love how the scent lingers in the bathroom long after you’ve finished your shower and have moisturised. Because the Geranium leaf had such a strong sensory trigger for me I also started to use the body balm (3) and body scrub (1)…

Aesop Love...


I am always on the hunt for a great hand cream as I hate anything too greasy so when I tried the Resurrection aromatique hand balm (9) I was hooked. I use it every night before bed and have noticed the difference and the smell is amazing…

During winter your skin needs an extra moisture boost so I added the Geranium leaf hydrating body treatment (4) to the line up and either use it straight on slightly damp skin or mix it with the geranium body balm for an added hydration boost. It was also really great after a day in the sun when in Fiji recently…

When our ensuite was finally finished I added the Resurrection aromatique hand wash (8) which is one of Aesop’s best sellers. It’s really lovely, smells great and actually makes your hands feel soft…

With two little ones I love having rinse free hand wash on me and the Resurrection rinse free hand wash (6) is terrific for this. It smells great and doesn’t strip your hands of moisture like most others…

and… finally, the Rosehip seed lip cream (7) is great. It is a cream, not a balm so it’s like moisturiser for your lips. I use it every night before bed under paw paw ointment. I struggle with moisture levels on my lips so am always looking for a great lip balm. I love paw paw ointment and the lip cream adds that extra bit of moisture.

As you can see it’s a deep love…

Do you use Aesop? What’s your favourite product?

I highly recommend trying them if you haven’t already… Jx

Instagram… the week that was #3…

Happy Monday…

Practice makes perfect and here is the week that was on MONDAY!!

Last week I had lots of fun with #myweekoftextandtype by @its_my_week and I’m playing along with #fmsphotoaday.

It was also really nice to be featured on @lovelysquares, @mom_hub, @flowers_blossom_, @littlebitsof_life, @picture_to_keep, @stunning_shots, @littlebisof_kids, @flowerlist and @snap_ish.

Instagram the week that was 3


Friday Flowers… On a Sunday

What a weekend… openings, birthdays, gardening, colds and IT issues… just to name a few.

I was racing against the clock on Friday and this post just didn’t happen. On Friday night we had a wonderful event… very close friends of ours realised a dream and opened their brewery… It’s called Modus Operandi Brewery and it’s going to be a huge hit. I will write more on this later.

Yesterday was Mr alittlepartoftheworld’s Birthday and we celebrated lunch with his family. It was such a lovely afternoon. H was just so excited… what’s not to love… cake, cousins and lots of playtime. He kept running around and saying best birthday EVER!!!… and it wasn’t even his day! He’s too cute I tell you.

Today we are all feeling very tired and a bit under the weather thanks to the usual winter bug that does its rounds. Today has been filled with gardening and I have a attacked the study with gusto. There always seems to be one room in a home that’s a work in progress. For me it’s the study. It becomes a dumping ground for everything and it’s just too easy to dump things in here and close the door on it… well not any more!!! I have it organised and nice and clean. Helped in huge part by the laundry being finished and I have lots of lovely new storage!! I can’t tell you how excited I get about storage!!

On Friday I made my first attempt to arrange flowers… I usually buy a bunch and plonk it in a vase. Pretty and effective but I wanted to try and get a little creative and do something I hadn’t before. So I bought 3 little bunches and had a go of making little arrangements. I’m quite happy for my first attempt. I know I won’t be giving up my day job any time soon but you’ve got to start somewhere right?!…

3 bunches went soooo far and we have flowers all over the house…




photo 1-1



photo 2-1

photo 3-1



photo 4

IMG_2750What have you been up to this weekend?

Anyone fighting an awful winter cold?… Jx


Ballets and Flats… my pick of the Sambag AW14 sale…

One of my favourite shoe brands is Sambag. I wear them a lot and LOVE when they go on sale. I must admit I haven’t shopped a lot in the mid year sales but Sambag have recently marked down their sale items and I can’t resist…

Here is my pick of what’s left in the Ballets and Flats… I only wish all of them were in my size… click here to go to their sale…

Sambag Sale Shoes
Which ones do you like?…

Instagram… the week that was #2…

I am going to make this a weekly post and make it on a Monday… NOT a Wednesday…tsk, tsk me!! I love seeing the week that was in one spot. Last week I had lots of fun with #myweekofhome by @its_my_week and I’m playing along with #fmsphotoaday.

It was also really nice to be featured on @lovelysquares, @littlebitsof_life, @IG_4every1, @two_themes, @flowerstalking and @nothingisordinary_

Instagram week commencing 130714


How to ruin a perfectly good morning…


On Saturday I made the mistake of doing too much with the kids… mainly H… I tried to fit too much into the morning with an already tired child and it resulted in a public meltdown at a restaurant and basically a walk out mid meal.

The day started well with a trip to the Sydney Aquarium to see his beloved Octonauts who have been there daily for the past month and finished on Sunday. We did the Aquarium for the first time last NYE and whilst it was good he was a little overwhelmed. It’s amazing the difference 7 months makes… He still rushed through but got excited to see the fish and Sea horse’s… so much so, he actually corrected me when I said Sea horse and it was a Sea Dragon… This time around he wasn’t as scared by the sharks. By the end of the walk through Shark Valley he was really quite into it. He didn’t want to linger but what 3 year old does?!…

He was really excited to see Kwazii from the Octonauts and despite the sourpuss face in the photo we took was actually happy. All in all it was a lovely visit that ended with him getting some much longed for Octonaut books.

Because we had done it before with success I thought it would be a good idea to get some Yum Cha (it’s fast and delicious) for lunch before heading home for a much needed rest…well, was I wrong!! It was his worst behaved performance to date. It resulted in him needing to be taken outside due to loud wailing (on his behalf) and counting to 10 not working (on my behalf). I cut our losses and we headed home… he was asleep in the car before we even left the city.

He has been the trickiest he has ever been in the two weeks since turning 3… terrible 2’s… sign me up again because the 3’s are looking much trickier from where I’m sitting…

I think it can be really easy to expect too much of our kids sometimes… don’t you think?! but, on the other hand, if you don’t try  how do you know what they’re really capable of?…

As with everything in life… you’ve got to take the good with the bad. Take the wins where you can and chalk the losses up to experience…

All in all a good morning with a hiccup at the end and finished with a little voice coming out of the pram on the way back to the car… ‘Love you Mummy. I’m sorry’. My heart burst into a million pieces and all was forgiven!!

Have you ever pushed too hard, tried to fit too much in? Ever cut your losses and walked out in the middle of a meal?… how stressful is it?!


P.S… for those who don’t know the Octonauts is a kids TV show on ABC4kids based around animals who live under water and help and rescue sick and injured sea creatures…


Book Review… ‘All I know’ by Mary Coustas…


I bought this book to take and read on our recent holiday. I had seen the interview’s with Mary and George on 60 Minutes so knew loosely what to expect… you can take a look here, here and here

Wow! What an inspiring woman. This is a lovely read. Mary writing is so incredibly heartfelt, witty, endearing and honest. What she has endured to reach her dream of becoming a Mother is unbelievable. She has overcome challenges and grief no one should ever have to experience.

I laughed, I cried and I cheered. This is a wonderful read about strength of spirit and how to come out the other side smiling.

Mary, I admire your strength, your optimism in the face of extreme heartache and challenge and your ability to love and persevere. As you have so aptly said… Nothing good comes out of giving up…

I highly recommend giving it a read. You can get a copy here

What have you read lately? I’d love to know and need some ideas for my next read…


Friday Flowers… Yellow and white to brighten up your day…

Friday is here already. I can’t believe it’s come around again so soon. I had every intention of blogging more this week but it’s gotten away from me and the time I have had on the computer I have been working on the new blog layout. You like? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Anyway… on to making your Friday pretty and happy. The yellow and white of this little bunch that I picked up from Pearson’s Florist during the week is so cheerful and happy and the little green vase it’s in just tops them off don’t you think?

We have a busy weekend ahead filled with kids things… like visiting the aquarium (we are doing it this weekend as opposed to last like I thought) and swimming lessons start for both little ones so it’s go, go, go for us.

I hope you have something nice planned… care to share?…

Whatever you’re doing… have a good one… Jx










Instagram… the week that was #1…

I know it’s already Tuesday and I’m a bit slow on the uptake but I wanted to share with you some of my photos from last week on Instagram. There are such great and challenging communities on there… just to name a few… @fatmumslim and her Photo a Day project – #fmsphotoaday, @foxinflats and her monthly style challenge #foxinflatsstyledare and thirdly, @its_my_week where every week it’s a different prompt and last week was #myweekofnature and this week it’s #myweekofhome. Jump online and check it out. I am loving it more and more and finding new communities all the time. I will share more on these in the future…

Here is a collage of some my photos from last week – @alittlepartoftheworld

Instagram collage


Happy Tuesday… Jx