Some cushion love…. a mini couch makeover…

alittlepartoftheworld - mini couch makeover

Our couches have been screaming for new cushions for ages now. I found the perfect ones at Pottery Barn

The Brief: I wanted really lovely ones but didn’t want to go to the expense of getting them made as they are for the living room and are constantly used for making oceans, beds and little reading nooks so they had to be reasonably priced, functional and look good…

The Product: We wanted linen as we like the feel and look. It’s a smart, elegant and classic fabric. I was trawling around the web one day and knew pottery barn did great reasonably priced cushions so had a look and really liked these… thankfully I am near Bondi Junction so was able to head in store to have a look. They were going to work so I needed to work on cushions to compliment it. I went for this one first…

I bought both cushions and took them home to try them… knowing I could return them if I got it wrong and head back soon to get the balance… When I got them home…. they worked!!! YAY! Now to work out the configuration of what I wanted/needed. YIKES!

The Result: I went back the following day and discovered these…. they were beautiful and were double sided…  I was a little unsure about that at first but love them now as they offer more depth in the colour combinations and more configuration choices and are tonally complimentary.

I am typically a symmetrical person but really wanted to step out and try and mix it up so we went for 3 on each couch… 1 big and 2 middle size. When I got home I still had the small one here and put it on the couch too and thought it worked so I kept it… we have 4 on one and 3 on the other… I recently read in Jason Grant’s new book that items are best grouped in pairs, odd numbers or even fours… so it’s a win/win!! Who knew!

IMG_3141-1 IMG_3145-1 IMG_3148-1 IMG_3150-1 A little part of the world - mini couch makeoverSide note: When buying from pottery barn you do need to buy the inserts. This is an initial larger outlay but they don’t change their cushion sizes so you can update your look by replacing the cover and reusing the insert for relatively little cost down the track.

Is linen your fabric of choice? Did you know about pairs, odds and fours? Think they’re too big for the couch like my husband does?


Father’s Day gift ideas…

I have 3 wonderful men in my life I buy for come Father’s Day… My own wonderful Father, my loving and caring Father in Law and of course the incredible man I married and the Father of my children. Each of them different and all 3 are very hard to buy for. I have been having a look around for some ideas and thought you might like some ideas too…

Father's Day gift ideas

1. Sterling silver collar stays | 2. No. 1 Dad card | 3. Shoe shine kit | 4. Hankerchiefs | 5. Classic panama hat | 6. Flash Boy by Michael Lewis | 7. Anchor memory book | 8. Tiffany and Co. T-clip ballpoint pen | 9. Digital meat thermometer | 10. Leather passport cover | 11. Wheelmen by Reed Albergotti & Vanessa O’Connell

Have you got Father’s Day sorted? Care to share?…. I need all the help I can get.