Throwback Thursday… Peek-a-boo…

I’ve been going through old posts and I just loved this when I came across it. These photos of H are so much fun and so innocent. He was so little…

“H loves playing Peek-a-boo…

He turns nearly everything into a game of peek-a-boo…behing the couch, the ottoman, the kitchen island, the dining room table, a jumper, his bath towel, his washer, his teddy, a book and the list goes on…

I love seeing him so pleased with himself. I have tried to capture it…”

Wasn’t he the cutest? I love the sweet innocence. So playful and happy… such great and special memories…
All images copyright Jessica Flett

Some cushion love…. a mini couch makeover…

alittlepartoftheworld - mini couch makeover

Our couches have been screaming for new cushions for ages now. I found the perfect ones at Pottery Barn

The Brief: I wanted really lovely ones but didn’t want to go to the expense of getting them made as they are for the living room and are constantly used for making oceans, beds and little reading nooks so they had to be reasonably priced, functional and look good…

The Product: We wanted linen as we like the feel and look. It’s a smart, elegant and classic fabric. I was trawling around the web one day and knew pottery barn did great reasonably priced cushions so had a look and really liked these… thankfully I am near Bondi Junction so was able to head in store to have a look. They were going to work so I needed to work on cushions to compliment it. I went for this one first…

I bought both cushions and took them home to try them… knowing I could return them if I got it wrong and head back soon to get the balance… When I got them home…. they worked!!! YAY! Now to work out the configuration of what I wanted/needed. YIKES!

The Result: I went back the following day and discovered these…. they were beautiful and were double sided…  I was a little unsure about that at first but love them now as they offer more depth in the colour combinations and more configuration choices and are tonally complimentary.

I am typically a symmetrical person but really wanted to step out and try and mix it up so we went for 3 on each couch… 1 big and 2 middle size. When I got home I still had the small one here and put it on the couch too and thought it worked so I kept it… we have 4 on one and 3 on the other… I recently read in Jason Grant’s new book that items are best grouped in pairs, odd numbers or even fours… so it’s a win/win!! Who knew!

IMG_3141-1 IMG_3145-1 IMG_3148-1 IMG_3150-1 A little part of the world - mini couch makeoverSide note: When buying from pottery barn you do need to buy the inserts. This is an initial larger outlay but they don’t change their cushion sizes so you can update your look by replacing the cover and reusing the insert for relatively little cost down the track.

Is linen your fabric of choice? Did you know about pairs, odds and fours? Think they’re too big for the couch like my husband does?


Playing #7vignettes with Interiors Addict…

This month I completed my second round of #7vignettes run by Interiors Addict on Instagram… It’s a terrific monthly challenge and I’m really enjoying it. There is a daily prompt/theme for the first 7 days of the month… I love seeing them all together as a group at the end of the week.

sept vignettes 1. Yellowphoto 1-25 2. Forever Summerphoto 3-20 3. Holidayphoto 4-19 4. Stripesphoto 3-215. Nostalgiaphoto 2-24 6. Familyphoto 1-24 7. 4-legged friendphoto 2-25

This is my collection from August… You can see it’s not as cohesive as this month but still a nice collection. I hope to keep getting better and better…

august vignettes

If you have a creative styling itch this is a great way to scratch it. Be warned…you will suffer withdrawals at the end of the week.

Some of my favourite vignetters are; @thestylistsplash, @adiandbert, @juliabesidethesea, @kerrieanne4artonparkdesigns, @24cherrys, @the_vintage_palace & @samphireandseasalt just to name a few. There are soooo many talented people out there. Go and check out #7vignettes on Instagram to see all the talent.


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Meeting a sibling for the first time…

h meeting e

Lovely friends of mine have just welcomed their second child and their first born has coped really well with meeting her little brother.

This got me thinking about when H met E and the advice we received going into it.  Their first meeting went really well… we couldn’t have hoped for anything better.

He walked in and we had huge cuddles and kisses… it was the first time I had been away from him and I hadn’t seen him for two nights. I had E wrapped on the bed and I was standing waiting for my little man to walk in. We had big cuddles and then I just let him go and explore. He went straight to the phone and then E squeaked… all of a sudden H looked and saw her and exclaimed… look Sis, it’s Sis and he was so interested so we had a look and they got to meet. he was fascinated with her facial features. After a minute he was done and we went on to check out the rest of the room and open some presents.

From then on he was and still is a wonderful brother. He is very patient and on the whole very loving and protective.

Here are my top 5 tips for introducing your older children to their new sibling…

1. Have a present from the baby for the older sibling/s

2. Don’t be holding the baby when your child/children walk into the room. Have your arms free for cuddles and kisses

3. Let them find the baby of their own accord

4. Allow the older child/ren pay as much or as little attention to the baby as they want. Don’t push the issue

5. Lots of cuddles and kisses and make yourself available as much as possible

Any tips to add to it? Would love to hear your meeting story…


The years may pass…

I have a wonderful friend I have known for 11 years. We first met when we worked together in Country NSW. I have since moved away and our lives have continued on. We have both married and had our families. We have kept in contact all that time but have sadly only seen each other about 4 times in the last 8 years. The last time being at my wedding just over 4 years ago.

We were lucky enough to see each other on Monday and it was so wonderful. We have 5 children between us and we got to meet the 4 we haven’t met yet. Despite time and distance it was like no time had passed and we picked up where we left off. We laughed and compared notes and sat back and watched our children laugh and run and play together so well and happily.

Don’t kids have it right… no matter who they are, where they’re from, it doesn’t matter, they just see a playmate and someone to have fun with…. but I digress…

One of my favourite memories was chatting on the phone one day. I was ringing to apologise for not being able to see her one day she was here in Sydney for the day. I was so bloody sick with E (morning sickness) and could barely get my head off the pillow. I told her I was pregnant and she said she was too and was planning on telling me over lunch. We laughed and asked when the other was due…. we were due THE SAME DAY!! We couldn’t believe the coincidence.  Really… what were the odds.

Seeing her this week just made me think about good friendships and how lucky we are to have certain people in our life. No matter where we are or what’s happening we know we would be there for each other.

The years may pass but being able to sit down after time apart, and we can just pick up where we left off is the sign of a true friend.

I love you LJ…

Do you have one or several of these friends in your life?

“We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet.
Even longer,’ Pooh answered.”
― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh


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Breaking up is hard to do…


On Friday I had to give notice to H’s kindy that he will be leaving at the beginning of next year for Pre-school. He has been at this kindy for the last two years and we have been really happy there. When you entrust people with the care of your child you become quite attached to them and telling them we will be taking H out felt like breaking up with them.

He has been accepted into the local council run pre-school. I wasn’t expecting it as it’s hard to get into. When we went to have a look it was gorgeous and very much a traditional pre-school. The super added bonus… it’s near half the price of his current kindy.

Let me be clear… we didn’t decide his care solely on the basis of cost. However, when we had two places of care that we felt were of comparable quality, the most cost effective and convenient one won (it’s closer to home) The downside… it runs on school hours and terms so will be an adjustment from long day care.

The blow was softened somewhat as hopefully E will be joining H’s old kindy next year. Out with the old and in with the new!

Have you ever broken up with a childcare provider? Did you find it hard? Are you like me and get attached?

Wish us luck for next year… it’s going to be a cracking start…