Playing #7vignettes with Interiors Addict…

This month I completed my second round of #7vignettes run by Interiors Addict on Instagram… It’s a terrific monthly challenge and I’m really enjoying it. There is a daily prompt/theme for the first 7 days of the month… I love seeing them all together as a group at the end of the week.

sept vignettes 1. Yellowphoto 1-25 2. Forever Summerphoto 3-20 3. Holidayphoto 4-19 4. Stripesphoto 3-215. Nostalgiaphoto 2-24 6. Familyphoto 1-24 7. 4-legged friendphoto 2-25

This is my collection from August… You can see it’s not as cohesive as this month but still a nice collection. I hope to keep getting better and better…

august vignettes

If you have a creative styling itch this is a great way to scratch it. Be warned…you will suffer withdrawals at the end of the week.

Some of my favourite vignetters are; @thestylistsplash, @adiandbert, @juliabesidethesea, @kerrieanne4artonparkdesigns, @24cherrys, @the_vintage_palace & @samphireandseasalt just to name a few. There are soooo many talented people out there. Go and check out #7vignettes on Instagram to see all the talent.


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Friday flowers… a little goes a long way…

Last week I posted this photo on Instagram.

Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way - alittlepartoftheworld.

I had a large lot of fresh flowers as our builders were sending a photographer to take some photos of the finished works. 3 years and 3 stages and we’re finally finished! Naturally I wanted the house looking nice but didn’t want o go too crazy with the styling because that’s not what they’re after…

I thought I would share some of the spots they ended up…

Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way... alittlepartoftheworld

Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way... alittlepartoftheworld Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way

Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way Friday Flowers... a little goes a long way

A little goes a long way doesn’t it?…

What are your favourite flowers and where do you like to put them in your house?…


Friday Flowers… bright as the sun…

Happy Friday!!! #TGIF…

We’ve had a fairly quiet week which has been lovely. With the long weekend it has been a short week.

We have a quiet weekend ahead.. lots of house maintenance and the city to surf is on Sunday (good luck to anyone running that might just be reading this) so our movements are a little restricted that morning. We will more than likely head down and cheer them on. We also have dinner with friends on Saturday night which will be lovely as it’s been a LONG time since the 4 of us caught up sans children. Let’s hear it for baby sitters!! hip hip hooray!…

This week I started reading ‘Big Little Lies’ by Liane Moriarty as I’m joining in with Beth over at Baby-Mac as she is starting a book club and I love any excuse to read. If you’re keen, jump on in as I know she’d love to have you. If you’re on social medial the hashtag is #babymacbookclub.

This week marked the finish of #7vignettes hosted by Jen Francis of Interiors Addict (@interiorsaddict) on Instagram. It was guest hosted and judged by West Elm (@westelmau) t0 celebrate the opening of their Chatswood, Sydney store. It is the first month I have completed and I really enjoyed the creative challenge. Here is the collection of my vignettes…


Anyway, enough of me. Here are some gorgeous yellow Chrysanthemum’s to warm up your Friday and put a smile on your face…

IMG_2791 IMG_2790 IMG_2794 IMG_2803 IMG_2863 IMG_2795 IMG_2865 IMG_2866 IMG_2869 IMG_2870 IMG_2884How has your week been? What’s on for the weekend?…

Have a good one whatever you’re up to… Jx


Friday Flowers… It’s the weekend!!

Hi… #TGIF…

I’ve had a week of feeling under the weather with an annoying cold… It’s been so annoying. I’ve had a very slow week and just focussed on getting through the day with the kids. There’s no such thing as a sick day with kids.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. We have a quiet weekend ahead with family so am looking forward to that.

Today I did the change over of some flowers in the house and the buds from the little pink roses last week were too pretty to throw away so I snipped them off and collected them in a bowl. I put them down to take some photos and Miss 1 wanted to join in. She had solo much fun tipping them out and putting them back in. When I went through the photos I loved the ones with her little hands in the photos so much I decided to include them.











IMG_2849 IMG_2855 IMG_2858

What’s on in your neck of the woods this weekend?…  Whatever it is I hope you have a good one.


Friday Flowers… On a Sunday

What a weekend… openings, birthdays, gardening, colds and IT issues… just to name a few.

I was racing against the clock on Friday and this post just didn’t happen. On Friday night we had a wonderful event… very close friends of ours realised a dream and opened their brewery… It’s called Modus Operandi Brewery and it’s going to be a huge hit. I will write more on this later.

Yesterday was Mr alittlepartoftheworld’s Birthday and we celebrated lunch with his family. It was such a lovely afternoon. H was just so excited… what’s not to love… cake, cousins and lots of playtime. He kept running around and saying best birthday EVER!!!… and it wasn’t even his day! He’s too cute I tell you.

Today we are all feeling very tired and a bit under the weather thanks to the usual winter bug that does its rounds. Today has been filled with gardening and I have a attacked the study with gusto. There always seems to be one room in a home that’s a work in progress. For me it’s the study. It becomes a dumping ground for everything and it’s just too easy to dump things in here and close the door on it… well not any more!!! I have it organised and nice and clean. Helped in huge part by the laundry being finished and I have lots of lovely new storage!! I can’t tell you how excited I get about storage!!

On Friday I made my first attempt to arrange flowers… I usually buy a bunch and plonk it in a vase. Pretty and effective but I wanted to try and get a little creative and do something I hadn’t before. So I bought 3 little bunches and had a go of making little arrangements. I’m quite happy for my first attempt. I know I won’t be giving up my day job any time soon but you’ve got to start somewhere right?!…

3 bunches went soooo far and we have flowers all over the house…




photo 1-1



photo 2-1

photo 3-1



photo 4

IMG_2750What have you been up to this weekend?

Anyone fighting an awful winter cold?… Jx


Friday Flowers… because it’s always nice to stop and smell the roses…

I took these photos a few weeks ago and want to share them today to brighten up your friday. Flowers always put a smile on my face and make me happy and I hope they do the same for you…

I hope you have a great weekend… we have very little planned which is always nice. Maybe a trip to see the Octonauts which will send H into overdrive!! stay tuned!!

Take a moment to stop and smell the roses… Jx