How to ruin a perfectly good morning…


On Saturday I made the mistake of doing too much with the kids… mainly H… I tried to fit too much into the morning with an already tired child and it resulted in a public meltdown at a restaurant and basically a walk out mid meal.

The day started well with a trip to the Sydney Aquarium to see his beloved Octonauts who have been there daily for the past month and finished on Sunday. We did the Aquarium for the first time last NYE and whilst it was good he was a little overwhelmed. It’s amazing the difference 7 months makes… He still rushed through but got excited to see the fish and Sea horse’s… so much so, he actually corrected me when I said Sea horse and it was a Sea Dragon… This time around he wasn’t as scared by the sharks. By the end of the walk through Shark Valley he was really quite into it. He didn’t want to linger but what 3 year old does?!…

He was really excited to see Kwazii from the Octonauts and despite the sourpuss face in the photo we took was actually happy. All in all it was a lovely visit that ended with him getting some much longed for Octonaut books.

Because we had done it before with success I thought it would be a good idea to get some Yum Cha (it’s fast and delicious) for lunch before heading home for a much needed rest…well, was I wrong!! It was his worst behaved performance to date. It resulted in him needing to be taken outside due to loud wailing (on his behalf) and counting to 10 not working (on my behalf). I cut our losses and we headed home… he was asleep in the car before we even left the city.

He has been the trickiest he has ever been in the two weeks since turning 3… terrible 2’s… sign me up again because the 3’s are looking much trickier from where I’m sitting…

I think it can be really easy to expect too much of our kids sometimes… don’t you think?! but, on the other hand, if you don’t try  how do you know what they’re really capable of?…

As with everything in life… you’ve got to take the good with the bad. Take the wins where you can and chalk the losses up to experience…

All in all a good morning with a hiccup at the end and finished with a little voice coming out of the pram on the way back to the car… ‘Love you Mummy. I’m sorry’. My heart burst into a million pieces and all was forgiven!!

Have you ever pushed too hard, tried to fit too much in? Ever cut your losses and walked out in the middle of a meal?… how stressful is it?!


P.S… for those who don’t know the Octonauts is a kids TV show on ABC4kids based around animals who live under water and help and rescue sick and injured sea creatures…


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