DIY: chic and affordable children’s artwork…

I made these when I was pregnant with E. I looked around on the web and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted (an initial on a canvas) and what I did find wasn’t quite right or not in the right colours. So, I decided to make my own and this is what the finished product looks like…

Cheap and Chic homemade children's artwork... Cheap and Chic homemade children's artwork... Cheap and Chic homemade children's artwork... Cheap and Chic homemade children's artwork... Cheap and Chic homemade children's artwork... Cheap and Chic homemade children's artwork...
I bought my supplies at Eckersley’s and Spotlight. I have provided links below for each item you need for the project.
To make these you will need…

  • Canvas
  • Letter or any other decorative item. More letter’s here
  • Paint – minimum of two colours – one for the canvas and one for the initial / decorative item. You could use as many colours as you want if you want a rainbow effect or just something more colourful. The sky is the limit. I used acrylic paint but I think any paint would do. Depending on how many you are doing you won’t need much. Some more options here and here.
  • Glue
  1. Paint the canvas – I gave it a base white coat (in hind sight I don’t think this is necessary) and then two coats of colour. Allow it to dry in between coats. Most paints come with instructions of time recommended left between coats.
  2. Paint the letter – I gave it at least two coats. Just judge for yourself what the coverage is like and stop when you are happy.
  3. When everything is dry line the initial up on your canvas where you would like it and very lightly with a pencil mark some small guidelines.
  4. Put glue on the back of your letter and place it carefully on the canvas being sure to look for your guidelines. apply some pressure for a little while to make sure the glue bonds.
  5. You’re all set to hang or place around your child’s room.

You could also do smaller versions, larger versions, fluro or glitter versions. Really the only limit is your imagination and your decor aesthetic.

I hope you have fun with this…

Have you made your own artwork before? Ever made something similar?


Pineapple Love…

I have such a fondness for Pineapples. We have a lovely Pineapple print framed and hung in our entrance way. Pineapples are a sign of welcome so it’s only fitting we have one in our entrance welcoming people into our home.

I am finding pineapple everywhere at the moment and I have to be careful or run the risk of ending up with a house full of pineapples…

Here are some favourites I found on the web whilst looking around…

Pineapple Love

1. Driftwood Pineapple | 2. Yellow Pineapple lamp | 3. Pineapple wrapping paper | 4. DIY Pineapple ring dish | 5. Watercolour Pineapple print | 6. Pineapple candle holder | 7. Nickel Pineapple lamp | 8. Girls Pineapple print t-shirt | 9. White porcelain Pineapple | 10. Free printable wrapping paper | 11. Ceramic Pineapple Jars | 12. Pineapple gift tags | 13. Pineapple and tropical print set

Do you like the pineapple craze at the moment?

Have any pineapples in your home?