Beauty… 3 items you need in your life…

Beauty Needs


1. Chanel – Les Beiges, All-in-one healthy glow fluid – I had my makeup done at Chanel recently as she used this product on me. I have been in love ever since. I am not a foundation wearer and even struggle to wear tinted moisturiser. This formula is a mix between a tinted moisturiser and a BB cream. It has an SPF in it and it’s is just divine. It’s light coverage that really does smooth and light the skin. You can’t tell I’m wearing anything but I just look better.

2. Essie – Instant Dry Oil – I love having painted nails and with two kids I rarely find the time to paint them and wait for them to dry even with quick dry polish. At night I was always too tired and when they were sleeping I had other things to do and murphy’s law would state as soon as I sat down to do them or I had just finished they would wake. Not to mention that my mani’s never last that long. I wash my hands so often during the day and with the kids I am just really hard on my hands so it just never seemed worth it. Well…. enter Essie’s instant dry oil. It really does dry my nails in an instant so having to wait for your nails to dry is a thing of the past. I LOVE this product and now find myself with my nails polished all the time. YAY!

3. Chanel – Eau Douceur cleansing water – I am really quite lazy with my skincare routine. When this was introduced to me I instantly fell in love. You squirt it on to cotton makeup pads and wipe over your face. It removes all makeup and is gentle and cleansing on your skin. There is no need to additional cleansing. So no running water and a washer. I love it and find my skin has never been better because I am more consistent with my skincare.

So, anyone already use any of these? Any other awesome products I should know about?…