How not to bake a cake…

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Ok… A baker I am not… or at least one with A LOT to learn.

On Monday I made ‘Anne’. Anne is a family chocolate cake from Beth @ Baby-Mac. I thought it was a good opportunity to christen our new Kitchenaid… this was quite a milestone for me.

Everything was going smoothly until I put the cake in the oven and then it was downhill from there…

Error 1 – make sure your cake tin is the correct size… the cake tin I used was WAY to small for the recipe so I got to watch half the cake spill over the edge and run down into the oven.

Error 2 – because of the spillage the cake took ages to cook… I am guessing because the outside of the tin was covered in spilled cake. I assumed it would take less time as the tin was smaller but it took nearly double. Can any bakers confirm this for me? either that or my oven is really slow at low heat?! I’ve not had problems before so it’s the only thing I can put it down to.

Error 3 – don’t be in too much of a hurry to turn it out as it won’t have cooled enough and you will rip half the top off.

I soldiered on a had a hell of a laugh at my efforts. My husband got a great laugh out of it.

Whatever the outcome we got a yummy cake and it’s only uphill from here right?!

Ever had a baking disaster? What are your helpful tips for a baking novice?

Can you ever stop at just one piece?


2 thoughts on “How not to bake a cake…

  1. I made Anne just yesterday and when I turned her out to cool the whole arse of her stayed in the tin…DISASTER. I scraped it out and whacked it badly on top then got it flipped onto a serving plate. This morning I am going to ice the shot of her and pretend it doesn’t matter because you know what? It will STILL taste wonderful! I have baking diasters ALL THE TIME.


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