Patience is a virtue…


Anyone who knows me well… knows I am not a hugely patient person. Becoming a Mother meant I had to grow patience literally overnight.

Let me tell you… it’s still a work in progress and some days are better than others…

I find screaming on the inside, taking 3 deep breaths and counting to 10 slowly great coping mechanisms!! hahahaha….

Actually, in all seriousness, stopping and taking 3 deep breaths… taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly really does help…

Some things requiring my patience at the moment…

Toddler tantrums… now H is 3 he can turn them on at will and knowingly turns up the volume. When they are younger they don’t have control over their emotions like they do at 3 so I’m finding the tantrums at will a big adjustment and requiring a lot of patience

Dirty Nappies… changing several dirty nappies a day… we have some serious toilet training coming up when the weather warms up a bit.

Early waking… I literally dream of the day I can once again wake naturally of my own accord.

Repeating myself… having to repeat myself several times to get something done… like sit and eat, get dressed, sit down instead of stand on the couch… just to name a few.

Routine change…  E is in the process of dropping her morning sleep so we are doing the daily dance of will you won’t have one… I remember it being like this with H so I know I have to ride it out but it still requires patience.

Fussy eating… spending time cooking a meal only to have it looked at and declared Yucky!

Being a parent is quite literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done and as the saying goes… you reap what you sow. So I continue to grow and practice having patience and enjoy this wonderfully frustrating and rewarding thing that is parenting.

Because, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way…

What’s frustrating you at the moment? Can you sympathise, empathise? Got any patience to spare?


7 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue…

  1. I so relate to this!! I have twin boys who are nearly 2 – I love them but sweet heavens to betsy they know how to wind me up!! I’m a big fan of leaving the room for 30 seconds (sometimes to shout into a pillow) or maybe just counting to ten… Trust me, you are not alone! 🙂


  2. This rings so true, particularly the slaving over a meal to have it rejected, dropping/not dropping morning naps, early waking (sorry, 5.30am isn’t a wake up time. It just isn’t), the internal scream so you don’t blow up externally. Just all of it, all of it rings true. We’re so not alone!


  3. Oh honey – patience is something I too had to learn once becoming a mummy. I’m proud of how much better I am at practicing it, but of course you have your moments and days! Good luck toilet training. I’m proud to say A toilet trained a few months back so I’ll only have one childs nappy to get back to changing soon! However I have a very independent and spirited daughter who can throw a ripper 2 year old tantrum!


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