Some lens flare to warm your winter Friday…

One of my favourite photography effects is lens flare. I often try it and find it’s really hard to get right. I’m often not happy with how they look – they never seem as good as other’s I’ve seen.

There are quite specific rules to ‘correct’ photography but as they say… rules are meant to be broken and lens flare can be used really beautifully to add warmth, depth and emotion to a photo. I found these articles on DPS really helpful. How to use lens flare & 5 tips for achieving artistic lens flare

This photo shoot by Carla Coulson really highlights lens flare beautifully with some helpful hints too…

You can even buy a lens flare app on itunes to add in lens flare to your photos for effect…

I follow the digital photography school and their weekly challenge is lens flare… I’m feeling brave enough to show some of my own favourite lens flare photos over time…

Do you like lens flare?
Any tips or tricks for achieving it?
Got a great resource on lens flare you can tell me about?

Have a great weekend… Jx

All images copyright of Jessica Flett

Feel free to leave a comment... I'd love to hear what you think. Jx

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