A rainy day pick me up… Look at the gorgeousness…

I feel in need of some brightening… this weather (it’s been raining all day), being inside with two small people all day and dealing with a vomit on natural flooring rug situation at the end of the day has left me feeling a little whacked.

So I’m brightening my evening by looking at some photos and I thought I’d share them here. I picked these Gardenias from my very own garden. I have dreamed of a garden filled with Gardenias for a very long time and I finally have one (well a garden bed anyway). I was able to pick this lovely arrangement and also keep enough in the garden.

I was so excited and grabbed the opportunity to take these photos of the pretties…. aren’t they just gorgeous?!

I also love the little bud vases they are in…they look lovely non? They were a gift from my Aunt who found them in Inverell (Country, NSW) whilst there for work. The things you find where you least expect them…

After taking a crazy amount of photos from every angle they finally found a home here and I think they felt right at home. Their scent was out of this world… it was filling the room.

I just wish they had a longer shelf life. Their beauty and fragrance is so fleeting…

Do you love Gardenias as much as I do?… 
How cute are these little vases?!…
What’s your favourite flower?…

Feel free to leave a comment... I'd love to hear what you think. Jx

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