Looking for one thing… and finding another…

Have you ever found yourself looking for one particular thing and finding another?…

Allow me to elaborate…

We have found the right pieces of furniture for either side of the fireplace in our living room. They are not what I originally thought we were going for and I love them even more than what I had planned…

I had pictured commodes there but I knew I needed to be careful about them looking too delicate for the space. So I had envisaged a long search to find the right ones…

When we were in the Southern Highlands a few weeks ago we were having a look around and found these… well actually, N found them and pointed them out. They were the perfect measurement and I loved that they are a cupboard rather than a commode. All of a sudden it made sense this was the style of furniture we should had been thinking of all along…doh!

I was hesitant about how distressed they were at first and worried it could be too much but once I got home I knew they would compliment the mirror nicely and therefore balance each other. I was still a little nervous though because until I get things into the space I’m never completely sure it will work.

When they arrived I was VERY relieved to see they suited the space and I’m happy with how they look…

I am now on the hunt for some baskets to go on the bottom shelf for storage. It will help hide some of H’s toys on one side and provide handy storage for DVD’s on the other (under the TV).

Have you ever thought you were looking for a certain piece of furniture and ended up with another?


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4 thoughts on “Looking for one thing… and finding another…

  1. Hi Jessica, I so love when one decor item helps set the theme for defining a mood for an entire room. Its such a lovely moment because sometimes it can take a while! Love your new additions. Am a recent follower of yours on Instagram (don't you just love it!), would love to feature your lavender pic/ arrangement from today's feed on my “make do and style segment” on my blog http://hipbrownthings.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/make-do-and-style.html . Let me know if you are keen? Will naturally credit you and provide a link back to your blog. Thanks Rachael


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