Kitchen Renovation…Before, During and After…

I was going through some photos and came across the before photos of our kitchen. I always get a little thrill when I see what we started with and look at what we have now…
I thought I would share the photos with you…
When we bought our house this is what the kitchen looked like… The lovely couple we bought it from had lived here for nearly 40 years…it was their family home…they raised their children here and enjoyed their grandchildren here too. They had decided to downsize and move to a beautiful new apartment closer to the city…

This is what it looked like during construction…whilst we created doorways, removed bulkheads, turned the existing arched doorways into bigger square doorways, changed some plumbing around, rendered a wall and swapped mission brown floor tiles for wooden floor boards…

and this is what it looks like now…

As you can see it was old, dark and dated. We went with all white to add as much light as possible and give it a clean, fresh look.
I love these next photos…seeing the before and after side by side…

I’d love to hear from you…
Have you done a complete kitchen renovation? 
How did you find it? 
Were you happy with the final result?
Have you got a kitchen you would love to re do?
Update: We bought all the appliances from Winning Appliances. They have a terrific range to suit all budgets. We chose Bosch (Oven, Cooktop and Dishwasher), Panasonic (Microwave) and Electrolux (Fridge). The sink and Tap are Franke.
The Building works was done by Langlands Building Group. The Kitchen was made and installed by Coastline Kitchens and the glass splash back was supplied by Creative Glass.

16 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation…Before, During and After…

  1. Hey Jess, Shann here. Love what you have done with the kitchen! We have similar draw handles, i get my jean belt loops hooked on them all the time, it drives me crazy! But they look good. Love your blog.


  2. Hi Jess, my name is Vicky just stumbled upon your blog and love it! Your kitchen renovation is fantastic quite the transformation. Well done. greetings from Greece.


  3. OMG, Jess!!! What a transformation. Very chic and handsome! What are the countertops made of? Not only is your kitchen very beautiful, it is spotless. The architecture is so clean, and I love how the doorways do not have wooden trim / casing. This is really divine, Jessica. Maybe you can source some of the appliances, etc?


  4. Hi Loi – as always – Thank you! Your support is so very appreciated. The countertops are Caesarstone. I will post some links and information at the end of the post shortly.
    I hope you're still enjoying some warm weather and it's not cooling down too much yet.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Jx


  5. Well hello Jess! I've just spent a happy half hour browsing through your blog! Lovely to see shots of your family and home… It's all just as I thought it would be; so you 🙂 Good on you for sharing so beautifully.

    I've just started blogging and I love it! If you have a moment hop over for a look. I've been a bit hesitant to link it all up with my facebook etc, but seeing yours and enjoying it because I actually know you makes me think that maybe I should… Anyways, lotsa luv. Emm.


  6. Hello Emm. I'm so thrilled you stopped by and like it. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I have just been over to your blog and LOVE it! I left a few comments for you. I was hesitant myself about sharing on facebook but I decided to take the plunge and see what happens. So far so good! (fingers crossed)

    I'm so excited to keep following along with your blog. I hope you'll keep coming back here and saying Hi.

    Lots of Love to you too…and M and kids.



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