A Boy and his stick…

H is 14 months old today. I am having so much fun with him. Watching him explore and learn everyday is incredible. He is becoming more and more expressive and cheekier by the day. He has also…much to my delight…become a really affectionate little man. There is nothing better than his hugs and kisses.

Yesterday afternoon we were in the park having a play and he found this stick. Well, he played with it for ages…pointing, poking, holding it up in the air, putting it on the ground, looking at it turning it over and over in his hands. Something I would look normally look past is so interesting to him. I am fast learning to see things through his eyes…everything is new with endless possibility for learning and fun!!

Images copyright Jessica Flett

Were you amazed seeing everything again through the eyes of your child/ren too?

4 thoughts on “A Boy and his stick…

  1. Hi Jess, I just found your blog this week and my daughter is only a couple of weeks younger than your little man. It's such a wonderful age! I am also amazed by seeing everything new and fascinating through the eyes of my children. It's something I wouldn't trade for the WORLD! Beautiful post!


  2. Hi Audrey, Welcome! Thank you so much for following and commenting. Everyday I find something new through his eyes. I wouldn't trade it for the World either. I look forward to reading your blog. Thanks again. Jx


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