Our Front Entrance…

I have been working on our entrance way. It’s a tricky space as you will see…

I’m pleased with how it’s come together so far, it needs a little more styling though!! I’d appreciate any thoughts you have on that…

I’m thrilled with how the Pineapple and Mango have come up. I bought the prints from here and had them framed by Master Framing

All images copyright Jessica Flett
Please excuse the lack of styling but I wanted to show you how it’s looking so far. 
Have any of you got a tricky spot in your house to decorate?
If you have, where is it and what have you done?

P.S… you can find the lamp here, the table here and the candle here

6 thoughts on “Our Front Entrance…

  1. Hi Loi, I'm so pleased you like it…that's a big compliment…thank you. I love that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and when I wanted to put it in the entrance that sealed it for me. The slant is actually our staircase and being the entrance you want to make an impact with an elegant and welcoming space that is still open but visible. I hope I am making sense? Maybe I found it tricky because of my inexperience? Would you find this space a challenge? Thanks, Jess xx


  2. Jess, I see now! I thought it would be smaller, but your foyer / entry is rather spacious. One suggestion I have: put a basket or trunk under the console to hide all the cords. And maybe a chest on the other wall under the painting? Your staircase is beautiful….very light and just my style 🙂


  3. Thank you Loi. I was wondering about a basket or trunk so thank you for the confirmation. Sadly a chest on the other wall won't work as it's right outside the door to the office. I'm so pleased you like the staircase. Jess xxx


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