The ‘Uh Oh’…

The ‘Uh Oh’ is H’s new ‘word’. Everything is being dropped over the edge of highchairs, his cot, the neighbours fence and the back of the couch…

After every sleep I hear little chirping through the monitor followed by ‘Uh Oh’ on a loop cycle… I walk into his room to find both teddies and dummy on the floor and H standing in the cot smiling and pointing to said items saying ‘Uh Oh, Uh Oh, Uh Uh Oh’…

On Sunday he was a huge “help” to his Father in the garden. As N was pruning dead wood off a vine H was promptly pushing them through the boundary fence… thank you to our lovely neighbours for finding it endearing.

His latest exploit was to half eat a milk arrowroot, paint the windows and couch with his yummy biscuit then climb up onto the couch, stand at the back of it, look at me, then back to the job at hand where he promptly said ‘Uh Oh’ as he dropped the arrowroot down the back of the couch!!! CHEEKY LITTLE MONKEY!!!

I was on the phone to his Father where I took great delight in telling him what HIS son had done (he is always HIS son when he’s done something cheeky!!) We both had a giggle at how cheeky and cute it was…

When retrieving the biscuit I found his toy mobile and the DVD remote. Ladies and Gentlemen… we have a new hiding spot!!!


I know this is the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come but I am loving watching him explore and seeing his little personality develop and push his boundaries.

Have your kids/nieces/nephews/babysitting charges ever enjoyed the ‘Uh Oh’ and had hiding spots? I’d love to hear your stories…


Feel free to leave a comment... I'd love to hear what you think. Jx

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