Our Little Picasso…

I caught up with a close girlfriend and her little girl (she is H’s girlfriend – they are only 3 weeks apart and their Dad’s are best friends…so…no pressure kids!!!) the other day and we were talking about art and craft with the kids. My friend also has a little one about to turn 3 so she has been my sounding board many times on all things kids…

My takeaway from the conversation was…crayon’s are fine but not the best there is…they do not wipe off completely and can be a little hard for the kids to manage. Her advice was Pip-Squeaks markers by Crayola…they are easy for the kids to handle, come in great colours, non toxic and they really do wipe/wash off. There are, apparently, many products out there that claim to wash/wipe off that really don’t.

You don’t know how grateful I am that I have her to discuss all these things and get great tips like this…

Later that same day I was at a local news agency and they happened to have the Pip-Squeaks there so I bought some…

I was sitting at the dining room table the other day and H wandered over and wanted up…he was sitting on my lap and picked up a pen and found one of my notebooks and was trying to use the pen…so I thought I would give the Pip-Squeaks a go… here is the result…

He had such a ball…there was a little trying to eat the markers (the yellow for some reason) so I am pleased they are non toxic…

He got the markers all over his hands…and true to my girlfriends advice they really did wipe off…I was so thrilled!!!

I emailed her that afternoon to let her know it was a success and at the end of her email response back she wrote this…

Here’s to the start of toddler craft fun (and mess!!) 

Thank you S for all your advice and your ability to tell it how it is…I appreciate it so much!!!

What do you think of our budding Picasso’s work…Cute huh!? These are headed straight to the pool room!!…


P.S..If interested I have found them on line here and here

3 thoughts on “Our Little Picasso…

  1. Crayola also do a texta that only works on crayola paper- they are clear & obviously react with the paper!!!! They are great if the budding artist likes to draw off the page!!!!! xxxx


  2. Jess, happy to help, its always a pleasure with you. H is definitely a budding picasso. Keep up the good work introducing him to new experiences and enjoying his reactions, its a big part of the fun of having little ones at this age … that's why they call it 'the age of discovery'! xx


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