First Birthday Party…

Hello, hello,

Last Saturday we had a party to celebrate H’s first Birthday. It was so lovely to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen for ages and to see lots of H’s little friends. He is a very lucky boy to have so many lovely friends.

I went for a very classic pale blue and white theme with a little dark blue thrown in.

In all the craziness that was the 2 hours of the party I didn’t take any photos of the hot food. I’m disappointed about it because it was great thanks to all my family and I would have loved to have shown you.

Here are some photos. I will put in some links of where I found them in case you’re interested.

The fairy bread was the biggest hit with the kids…they loved it. I loved that they were little stars…the star cookie cutter is available here.

I found the party hats on line at The Party Parlour. I wasn’t sure how big a hit the hats would be with a bunch of one year olds but you need party hats at a party!!…don’t you think?…and many of the kids were ok to wear them for a moment. The party boy included…

The party bags and ribbon are from Pink Frosting. They come in lots of different colours. I loved using the ribbon. We went to a birthday party a little while ago that used similar bags and on top to hold them together they used a helium balloon which I thought was a terrific idea.

 I sourced the napkins, plates and cups from Pink Frosting too. It really was a great one stop shop for me. There are lots of on line places so please have a look around. A close girlfriend recommended Pink Frosting to me and they had what I needed so I went with them. Their prices were also on par with others that I had a look at.

A local bakery made these cupcakes which were yummy and we used these cupcake toppers for a little something extra.

I love tissue pom poms so was very excited to have an excuse to use them. I bought them from here. A HUGE thank you so my Sister who put them together.

These great little tables are from Ikea…on loan from lovely friends of ours. Needless to say we are off to get one for H. They were so handy and the kids loved them. One table had colouring in and the other had play doh set up on them.

My parents gave H the sand and water play table you can see here. Given it’s winter we just put sand in it. It was such a hit at the party, but be warned…we are still finding sand everywhere!!

A huge thank you to our families for all their help preparing food, setting up and helping on the day with the party. It was a big effort and it’s very much appreciated. H is a very lucky little man.


7 thoughts on “First Birthday Party…

  1. Ashley, Thank you soooo much for your lovely comment. I'm glad you like our yard…it is a work in progress. The garden is all new…I have a post coming up on that soon. I hope your move goes well. Jx


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