Driftwood Interiors Seaweed Prints…

I bought these prints from the fabulous Kerri Shipp of Driftwood Interiors in Queensland…

I am so so excited to get these framed and on the wall in our living room. I will be sure to show you when they are up.

Please check out her blog and store. The quality of the prints are excellent.

I am also waiting on these…

so excited to get them framed and on the wall in our sunroom.

Also, if you do see something you like but prefer it in one of her other colours be sure to contact her as she is more than happy to assist. She is such a lovely person to deal with.

I hope you like her work as much as I do…


P.S..I took the prints to the framer today and I am SO excited about them. I think they are going to look terrific. Stay tuned…should be able to show you in 2 weeks.

2 thoughts on “Driftwood Interiors Seaweed Prints…

  1. Hi Jessica –

    Many thanks so much for visiting my blog recently. I am sorry for my delay in responding. Have been traveling.

    I love your seaweed prints. Have you decided on the frame yet? Be sure to show us.

    Cheers from DC,


  2. Hi Loi,
    Thank you for stopping by. I'm pleased you like the prints. They are at the framers at the moment. Am excited to get them back and show you how they look. Fingers crossed!! hehehe…
    Have a great week.


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