Meet Tex.

Growing up on a farm we had working dogs. Dad’s work dogs of choice are the Kelpie. They are a lovely natured (in my experience) dog. 

My family were at a regional country show recently for work. On their wanderings around they found a toy for my little man they couldn’t resist….

Meet Tex…..

Image: Jessica Flett

He is a Kelpie just like ‘Pa’s’ dogs. All weekend Dad was walking around saying to Harry. ‘Sit Tex!’, ‘Get up Tex’, Come behind Tex’ it was very sweet to see and thankfully the little man quite likes his little dog.

On our last trip home to the farm Harry was fascinated with the dogs and vice versa. This photo shows you what I mean.

Image: Jessica Flett

Here are a couple of photos of Dad’s dog Bosca, to show you how gorgeous the Kepie breed is.

Image: Jessica Flett

Image: Jessica Flett

Do you think they’re gorgeous too?


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