Mothers Day Gift Ideas

This is my first Mothers Day and I can’t wait to spend the day chilling out with my gorgeous husband and our beautiful 10 month old son.

Being a Mother is a wonderful, tough, tiring, rewarding, exciting, challenging, consuming, special job. I am very blessed to have a healthy and bright little boy who is so much fun. I am so lucky I get to spend my days hanging out with him.

This runs the risk of sounding very cheesy but everyday feels like Mothers day as my husband is so supportive and wonderful with me and our Son. He is very good at letting me know he thinks I’m a good Mother and happy with how we are raising our son. I think every Mother would agree – you can never hear that too much!

When he asked me what I would like for Mothers Day I had to put some thought into it. I am sharing some of my ideas as I thought I may not be the only person trying to think of a present to get the Mothers in their life……

A notebook and pen for the many notes and things we have to keep track of. I love Kikki-K so anything from there thrills me but this in particular caught my eye

Source: Here

Bookends from Domayne. I saw these the other day and thought they are perfect. They are neutral and smart and would suit any home.

Source: Here

Any book by photographer Mario Testino but in particular;

Source: Here

Source: Here

A subscription to Veranda magazine. So beautifully put together and a wonderful source of home decorating ideas.

Source: Here

As mentioned here on the blog already, some mugs from Anthropologie. They are all so pretty and colourful any would be lovely but I do like these;

Source: Here

I love these Santos Wish bracelets. These are the perfect meaningful gift that can be taylor made to your personal preference. I would love several in different colour with different saints. 

Source: Here

Candles, I love them and have them all throughout the house. My favourites at the moment are; Figuier by White Home, Figuier by Diptique and Living Room (Fresh cut Gardenia) by Lafco. I adore these miniatures by Diptique and would love to have the choice of which one to burn based on my mood at the time and what I want to smell the most.

Source: Here

I love photos and just discovered Polaroid have a new digital camera out. It has a built in printer and the size of the photos are more in line with the original polaroid size. I also love that you can connect the printer to your computer and print any photo you have out on the polaroid size. There’s just so much fun to be had.

Source: Here

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